The Importance Of 3D Glass Photo Cube

Photo crystals are laser etched images to a crystal block. They can be done from any photo of yourself, of someone you know, of a place, building or pretty much whatever you require. When you order a photo crystal, you simply need to provide the manufacturer with a high-quality photo. Then this photo is lased into a crystal. Usually, when you provide the manufacturer with a photo, it needs to be well illuminated, high resolution and has no blurring. It can have as many details or people as you wish, but it needs to be a high quality photo for the process to work well. Once you send the photo, it’s converted into a high-quality prepared to laser file using specialized software. The contrast and brightness will be optimized to ensure a good quality laser etching. The image can be resized or altered if you define this, and also captions can be added to the photo for further personalization. Are you hunting for 3d glass photo? Go to the previously discussed website.

The etching itself, sometimes referred to as vitrography is the process where the photo is”printed” on the crystal surface using concentrated lasers. The tech which handles this process has to program the etching system to choose several thickness points if the crystal is to contain a 3D image in it. The advantage of a photo crystal should be pretty apparent. Crystal can endure the test of time rather well, so your photo will remain immortalized for many years to come and cannot be exposed to decay. The only real thing you need to worry about is cleaning the crystal every once in a while from dust and allergens. Also, make certain that you put it somewhere where it won’t likely fall and shatter as a crystal is very likely to break if subjected to mechanical shocks.

If you opt for a 2D photo crystal, then you will receive a picture trapped into a block of crystal which can bring a special moment in your life. These pictures are filmed, as well as the finished product is something you will gladly give as a gift as it can be very mesmerizing. 1 cool way to impress the individual getting the gift would be to convert the first 2D photo into a 3D crystal sculpture. This is a new process that brings another dimension to the crystal and is carried out by etching a clear optic solid crystal block with a high power green laser. These images make a great decoration in any home as well as having a symbolic meaning for the individual receiving it. Create your own photo crystal and give a unique personalized gift to someone close to you. But before that make sure that you consider all of the basic things.